I work on a small scale. The book I draw in everyday is 10 x 6cm for goodness sake!!!

Yesterday a truck arrived with a 3.6x1.2m wooden panel for me to paint. Talking about it was one thing but now it has arrived it is a tad overwhelming. I used to paint signs so I know it will be ok. So lucky we have an outdoor uncover area that I can use work on it. And the furniture is working well as a easels.

Why I am doing this? It is for the nursing home where my mum lives. She has dementia and has lived for there for around 7years. They are putting artwork on the walls to make it more homely. They have a very large wall they wanted mural painted on, this is the next best thing. I am very excited to be apart of this venture.

Towards the end of 2015, I started following an instagram account which had a daily post of a drawing everyday. I was fascinated and wondered how on earth someone could keep that up for entire year???

So in 2016, this was my new years resolution, to draw everyday. At first it was challenging and I missed days here and there. Some days I drew on couple of pages to catch up, but at the end of 2016,I was very pleased with myself. I actually have a book with 365 drawings in it. It has been one of the most rewarding things I have done and really feel I have accomplished something really worthwhile. I love showing the book to people, most go to their birthday to check the drawing that day.

As it coming closer to the end of another year, I am proud that I have kept up the habit. As well as the index card challenge, which is June & July using 61 index cards and following prompts provided. Also a couple of monthly challenges, also following prompts. Some of the drawings are terrible, some are from real life, some don’t make any sense at all. I found very rewarding and would recommend it to anyone that cares to listen

t x